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Interested in becoming Nacha Certified?

Case Study: Being Nacha Certified puts ACI Payments "Above the Other Processors" Who Are Not 

NPG holds both our partners and ourselves to the highest standards to help ensure payments excellence.

We are proud to be a supporter of Nacha Certified, a voluntary accreditation program for Third-Party Senders in the ACH Network.

A Nacha certification is like a seal of approval showing best-in-class corporate governance and core practices

Nacha Certified organizations have met certain core requirements, such as an Independent Nacha Rules Audit, an ACH Risk Assessment, and Compliance and Risk Program Policies and Procedures.

Other requirements for applicants include:

  • Compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules
  • Structured Know Your Customer programs
  • At least two years in business
  • Extensive background checks

Having this certification can show your understanding of all the components of processing ACH entries, along with their risks and how to manage them. 

If you’d like to learn more about Nacha certified or how we can assist in certification, please contact us any time.

Our Team

Mark J. Dixon, CTP, AAP, APRP, NCP

Mark J. Dixon, CTP, AAP, APRP, NCP


Serves as the Vice President, Education for NEACH and Advisor of its subsidiary, NEACH Payments Group

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Mary Mumper-Morrison, AAP, CAMS

Mary Mumper-Morrison, AAP, CAMS

Lead Advisor

Serves as the Director of Education for NEACH and Lead Advisor of its subsidiary, NEACH Payments Group

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“The Nacha Certified designation demonstrates an organizations knowledge, care, and continued commitment to excellence.”
Ray Graber, Director NPG 


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