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Feb - 24

ACH Network Thrives in 2023: Same Day Payments Surge

The ACH Network saw strong growth in 2023. Overall transaction volume rose 4.8% to 31.5 billion payments, with a total value of $80.1 trillion (up 4.4%). This marks the... Read More

Feb - 24

Gaps in Faster Payments Fraud Mitigation: FPC Bulletin Highlights Opportunities

The Faster Payments Council (FPC) Fraud Work Group issued its first bulletin outlining challenges and opportunities in mitigating faster payments fraud.

Read More

Feb - 24

ACH Operational Resilience Whitepaper & Free Practical Exercise

This news brief offers two valuable resources to strengthen your organization's resilience in the ACH network: 1. Operational Resilience Whitepaper: Download... Read More

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