ACH Risk Assessment

ACH Risk Assessment

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Helping You Assess Risk and Avoid Loss

Today’s market requires cross-channel risk evaluation. We can no longer isolate payments systems from one another; the digitization of payments has fueled an omnichannel impact on risk management.

NEACH Payments Group, with its team of experienced and accredited payments professionals, can help. Our comprehensive, cross-channel assessments help to identify vulnerabilities and establish priorities in addressing them before they become a problem. Regular risk assessments do more than just minimize risk; they enhance operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line.

Our process is efficient and effective, and our results are what keep our clients coming back year after year. 


ACH Risk Assessment – Advances in technology, evolving regulatory requirements and an increase in the types and volume of ACH transactions necessitate consistent updates to your risk management systems and controls. Our ACH risk assessment is built around OCC’s ACH Risk Management Guidance and:

  • Assesses ACH credit risk exposure and controls
  • Identifies transaction risk across multiple payment channels
  • Provides actionable steps to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Our Team

Elyssa Morgan, AAP

Elyssa Morgan, AAP


Serves as the Director of Membership for NEACH and Advisor of its subsidiary, NEACH Payments Group

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“NPG is on top of the changes we face as ODFIs and RDFIs. They work with us on risk assessments and annual audits to protect our policies and mitigate risks we take as an Originator.”

Lisa Joyce, Assistant Vice President, Electronic Services, Avidia Bank



Apr - 22

The RTP Business Committee has approved changes to the RTP Operating Rules and Participation Rules.

These changes will become effective April 18, 2022. Value Limit Increase Operating Rule II.C.2 is amended to increase the value limit for a RTP Payment from... Read More

Sep - 21

NPG's Sean Carter to Speak at Fall Commercial Services Forum

Join NEACH Payments Group’s Sean Carter at the COCC Fall Commercial Services Forum for a presentation on Modernization of Payments: What does it mean for Your End-Users. Read More

Mar - 21

NEACH Payments Group and Greg Nanigian and Associates, Inc. Partner to Offer Professional Development Training

Workshops to be based on the DiSC and Sandler models of behavioral assessment and geared to the financial industry.

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