Escheatment Solutions

Escheatment Solutions

NPG creates a partnership with Linking Assets Inc. and DMA to bring owner location and escheatment solutions to your bank or credit union.

Why Be Concerned About Unclaimed Property and Escheatment?
Nearly 70% of financial institutions are not fully compliant with Unclaimed Property laws – audits have increased dramatically, and financial institutions are at a greater risk of fines and penalties. With NPG by your side, we can help you retain assets and reduce your risk of non-compliance.


NPG Unclaimed Property Compliance Services, Training, and Tools
​NPG connects you with owner location and escheatment experts. Linking Assets Inc.’s customer and member location and reengagement services will help your bank or credit union retain lost and dormant owners.

DMA’s Unclaimed Property Compliance Services can manage the entire unclaimed property life cycle, relieving your organization of these complex, resource-intensive tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities. Starting with identifying the unclaimed assets on your records, DMA’s knowledgeable professionals also assist organizations with the complex escheatment process, providing jurisdictional knowledge and monitoring legislative and other changes impacting escheatment. Their experts are well-versed in the various state criteria for identifying and reporting unclaimed property, as well as the differing industry-specific requirements and rules for submission and formatting of reports. DMA works with clients to document and support all due diligence efforts, prepare filings in each state-mandated format, maintain copies of all reports and supporting documentation, and protect funds until they are reported and transferred to the state.


Unclaimed Property Advisory Services

DMA provides audit defense, VDA support, policy and procedure creation, and initial compliance services.

  • Support in audit and/or VDA situations
  • Policy & Procedure Review – ensure your procedures are consistent with state laws.
  • Working with state UP teams to reduce or eliminate penalty and interest and help clients achieve initial compliance

Training and Webinars

  • Webinars – At least twice a year, Linking Assets and DMA host webinars providing updates and education on unclaimed property within the banking industry.
  • Monthly Unclaimed Property Updates - Every month, Linking Assets will email you what you need to know for that month.
  • Onsite training and support – DMA can come onsite and train your staff on unclaimed property.


Owner Location Services

Linking Assets Inc.’s highly skilled research team will locate lost or dormant customers and members, identify accurate addresses, and assist in reactivating these accounts. For customer or members accounts where the owner is deceased, Linking Assets Inc.’s Estate Care Center will identify and communicate the date of death to the bank or credit union and work to reunite the funds with the legal claimants.

Annual Unclaimed Property Reporting

DMA provides a full suite of unclaimed property reporting services, including:

  • Determining eligibility for escheatment
  • Mailing of due diligence letters and managing owner replies
  • Filing reports with all 50 states and US territories
  • Reissuing funds to owners and remitting funds to states for associated escheatment’s

Our Team

Mary Mumper-Morrison, AAP, CAMS

Mary Mumper-Morrison, AAP, CAMS

Lead Advisor

Serves as the Director of Education for NEACH and Lead Advisor of its subsidiary, NEACH Payments Group

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Mark J. Dixon, CTP, AAP, APRP, NCP

Mark J. Dixon, CTP, AAP, APRP, NCP


Serves as the Vice President, Education for NEACH and Advisor of its subsidiary, NEACH Payments Group

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