About Us

NEACH Payments Group (NPG) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEACH, the New England Automated Clearing House Association. We work hard to create a payments landscape that is safe, compliant and sustainable.

We help organizations like yours—financial institutions, businesses and third-party providers—manage risk, drive improvements, maintain compliance and strengthen the bottom line. Our suite of audit, assessment and consulting services will help you do just that.

For years, we have provided hundreds of audits and risk assessments for financial institutions, businesses and third-party providers. What’s more, 90% of our customers come back year after year.

We would love to work with you.

Core Values

  • Providing high quality services
  • Conducting ourselves with the highest level of integrity and mutual respect
  • Employing open and honest communication
  • Prioritizing responsibility to our partners and clients
  • Embracing a responsive and personal approach to every engagement.

“Many see NPG as an authority on ACH rules, but it has very much expanded its areas of expertise and knowledge base—especially in terms of what the FinTech sector is doing, as well as general innovations in the industry. This knowledge is critical for C-suite decision makers.”

Nasreen Quibria, Managing Director and Founder, Q Insights

Breadth and Depth of Expertise
We bring more than 160 years of collective experience in payments to each engagement. Our staff remains active in all facets of the payments industry, from partnering with financial institutions, third-party providers and businesses at the regional level to participating in national forums that are shaping the future of the industry.
Your needs are our priority. We aim to minimize disruption at your organization. It’s why we conduct most audits and risk assessments in a single day. We can also perform your engagement virtually.
Personalized Approach
No two projects or clients are the same. We embrace a responsive, personal approach to each engagement. We understand your unique challenges across all payments systems and bring extensive knowledge to help you solve operational and regulatory challenges, manage risk and drive improvements.
Commitment to Excellence

We strive to create a safe, compliant and sustainable payments landscape by helping you strengthen your offerings and procedures.


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