Positive Pay Market Survey

Positive Pay Market Survey

NEACH Payments Group (NPG) is pleased to launch our latest market survey that explores positive pay adoption across the banking and business sectors, aiming to provide stakeholders with crucial insights into adoption rates and barriers to implementation.

We invite banks and businesses alike to participate in this endeavor, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the landscape surrounding fraud preventive tools like positive pay. Your participation will benefit the broader community as we collectively strive to enhance fraud prevention measures.

All data collected will be anonymized and aggregated, ensuring complete confidentiality. We encourage you to share the survey widely within your networks to ensure a diverse and representative dataset. As an added incentive for participating in the survey, each participating organization will receive a Findings Report.

Join us in shaping the future of fraud prevention by lending your insights to this important survey.


Despite the alarming rise in check fraud reported by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, three out of four organizations intend to continue their reliance on checks. However, with effective fraud prevention methods readily available, understanding and addressing adoption barriers becomes crucial in safeguarding against escalating fraud risks. 



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