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NEACH Payments Group helps financial institutions, corporations, and vendors solve operational and regulatory challenges, manage risk, and drive financial or business improvement through a suite of audit, risk management, and consulting services. What can we do for you?

Core Services

  • ACH Compliance Audits
  • Third-Party Sender Audits
  • ACH Risk Assessments
  • RDC Risk Assessments
  • Payments Consulting
  • Escheatment Solutions


Our audits keep clients in compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules and other rules and regulations.

Risk Assessment

We conduct Risk Assessments of our client’s business practices to address new payment applications, evolving technologies, and increased threats.

Payments Consulting

Payments Consulting services help clients effectively manage their payments program with customized services that meet their specific payments needs.


NEACH Payments Group’s Sandy Gobin To Speak at Prestigious Remote Deposit Capture Forum

She’ll Discuss Strategies for RDC Compliance and Risk Management Procedures

Meagan Norlund
Senior Director of Marketing Strategy & Communications

BURLINGTON, MA – NEACH Payments Group’s Sandy Gobin will leverage expertise in Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) compliance and risk management procedures based on findings from dozens of RDC Risk Assessments at the Remote Deposit Capture Forum, Sept. 26 in Boston, MA.

“I’m extremely pleased to be speaking about such an evolving and critical topic at such a prestigious event. The audience at the forum is made up of some of the greatest industry influencers eager to develop strategies that continue to move RDC forward and maintain its safety. Understanding pitfalls and trends helps in that strategic planning and development,” said Gobin, an advisor at NEACH Payments Group.
Gobin is an invited speaker at the forum aimed at analyzing the news, trends and issues affecting RDC and payments. The Remote Deposit Capture Forum covers all aspects of RDC, including Mobile Deposit, Small Business RDC, and Corporate RDC.

A recognized RDC expert within the industry, Gobin has a decade of experience managing operations and RDC for multiple financial institutions and has spent the past few years performing RDC Risk Assessments based on the FFIEC guidance for financial institutions across the country.

“Risks are always evolving in payments systems and an institution’s client base is always changing, so it is imperative to continually evaluate the risk appetite of your institution and the risks your product and services, as well as your customers, present in order to effectively mitigate these risks. Completing regular RDC Risk Assessments is a huge benefit in this process. Things I’ve learned and found while performing these RDC Risk Assessments will set the backdrop for conversation around implementing effective risk measurement and monitoring systems, risk management and mitigation systems, as well as technology and process controls,” said Gobin.

NEACH Payments Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEACH, the New England Automated Clearing House Association. NEACH was created in 1973 to foster the development and growth of electronic payments. Since that time, NEACH has expanded its traditional role of providing education, advocacy and other member services to include risk management and compliance services to individual financial institutions.