NPG Services Go Virtual for 2020


NPG Services Go Virtual for 2020

Monday, July 6, 2020

We at NEACH Payments Group have always done things in the best interest of both our employees and our clients.  This year has brought so many new challenges for our staff and yours. The uncertainty of it all still persists and will for the foreseeable future.  With that uncertainty in mind, we have decided for the safety of our staff and yours to make all engagements in 2020 virtual

This was a tough decision for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons being how much we enjoy getting to see you and your staff in your work environment and feeling like we are part of the team for just a day.  The rest of the equation is still the same.  Your service will be performed by nationally recognized experts in the field and it will be done efficiently and in a secure manner.  NEACH Payments Group has been doing remote engagements since our inception in 2015.  We rely on state-of-the-art technology to keep things as secure as if we were sitting there in the office with you.  Access information on our Virtual Data Room, ShareFile® by Citrix.

I want to personally thank you all for your business and the trust you put in us to ensure your risks are managed and compliance obligations are met.  We look forward to working with you in this manner in 2020 and also look forward to better days when we can come out and spend time with you all.

Warm Regards,

Sean Carter
President & CEO
NEACH Payments Group 


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